Merrylue Martin

Merrylue Martin (Owner/CEO, The Job Joy Group LLC) is an employee engagement expert who works with all types of people leaders; from corporate CEOs and entrepreneurs to first-time team leads and supervisors, on how to attract and retain the best employees.
As a Fortune 50 senior executive, management consultant, and business owner, Merrylue knows first-hand what it takes to equip leaders with real-world, grab-and-go tools that get results.

Dr. Martin is the CEO of the Job Joy Group, a leadership consulting firm whose primary message to leaders today is that “people will always be people first, and our employees a very distant second.”

Dr. Martin is also a graduate of the Wharton School “Women in Leadership” program. Her doctoral research led to her discovery of the most critical leadership behaviors that impact an employee’s decision to stay. She shares those insights and tools in her best-selling book, The Big Quit Survival Guide.

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