Rick Girard

Rick Girard (Stride Search Inc, Founder and CEO) is the Founder and CEO of Stride Search Inc, an Engaged Search Firm. Rick is extremely passionate about helping startup founders win-win the strongest hires to fuel unprecedented company growth!
Rick’s career has kept him laser-focused on building tech startups in the highly competitive Silicon Valley. Over his career, he has helped build more than 200 startup teams that have successfully exited. Value and Impact are the two main ingredients brought to every interaction, above and beyond just locating the strongest people.

Contrarian in his approach, Rick has flipped the script on engagement and the hiring process to bring a massive competitive advantage to every interaction.

Rick is the Author of “Healing Career Wounds”. Invented and systematized the Hiring Operating System (HireOS™). The solution for leaders to win the strongest hires by blowing up “best practices” with a humanistic, evidence-driven, unbiased, time-efficient experience.

When not running a school for Gifted Mutants as Professor X, Rick hosts the Hire Power Radio Show & Podcast, a weekly series on LinkedIn Live, which serves as a business leader’s resource to solve their most difficult hiring challenges.

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