Ego Management – w/ Christie Garcia

Episode 64 • November 22, 2021

Christie Garcia (Leadership Coach, Speaker, Facilitator and Founder of the digital Mindful Choice Leadership Academy) has 17 years of experience in sales, recruiting, and leadership coaching. For the last 10 years she has worked with current and upcoming leaders from fast growing organizations including Airbnb, Twitter, Movement For Life, Oakley, and Sunrun.
One of Christie’s super-powers is helping her clients manage their Ego and build authentic confidence so they can show up 100% in both business and life. Christie’s modern approach is designed to be simple. You just have to choose to be 1% better every day.

The Mindful Choice Leadership Academy – its a 20-week digital course that transforms how current and upcoming leaders show up. It is for both individuals and organizations. You can find more information at

You can also access a free trial of the Mindful Motivations daily texts. These are thought-provoking texts that manage the Ego and help individuals be more intentional in real time.…

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