From ZERO to $100M Sales Blueprint! – w/ Gary Garth

Episode 146 • June 19, 2023

“Gary Garth (Founder of, Author of ‘The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint’) has an inspiring story to tell as the Founder and CEO of Great Dane Ventures, The Accelerator Platform and Elev8 Media. Author of ‘The Zero to 100 Million Sales Blueprint’ book and ‘The Goals, Grit & Greatness’ planner.He also leverages his resources as a sales leader and angel investor, helping high-potential startups go to market, scale, and become profitable via 360 degrees sales and marketing support, incubator programs, advisory services and proprietary technology, engineered with the purpose of empowering entrepreneurs.
He has been featured in Inc., Forbes, Success, and many other prominent publications. A serial entrepreneur since 2002, Gary has started and successfully exited six companies, including large outbound sales call centers, radio advertising networks, and an award-winning, eight-figure digital marketing agency.”

In this episode, the speakers emphasized the importance of having a coach or planner to help break negative patterns and establish healthy routines that align with personal and company goals. They discussed how a planner can be a useful tool in personal development, helping individuals prioritize and establish mutually beneficial goals. The speakers also highlighted the need for a reflection process to assess progress weekly or quarterly and make necessary adjustments. They stressed the role of coaching and personal development in constantly evolving and assessing oneself, emphasizing the importance of a structured approach to personal and professional growth.

The episode also emphasized the value of daily planning and documenting intentions as a key component of success. The guest speaker recommended using a daily planner, like the one recommended by Gary, to plan out daily activities and execute principles from books like “Think and Grow Rich.” Additionally, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses was highlighted, with a recommendation to double down on strengths and delegate weaknesses. The guest speaker also mentioned the gift of getting older, which allows for increased self-awareness and understanding of one’s own strengths and weaknesses. The host recommended the “Goals, Grit, and Greatness Planner,” which asks deeper questions than other planners and can help individuals align their priorities and establish mutually beneficial goals. The guest speaker also mentioned writing a book called “The $100 Million Journey,” which touches on similar principles for success.

For entrepreneurs with smaller businesses who have to wear many hats, the guest speaker recommends finding time for consistent sales efforts, even if they don’t have eight to ten hours a day, five days a week to focus solely on sales. The guest speaker suggests that entrepreneurs should double down on their strengths and delegate their weaknesses. If an entrepreneur is blessed with a sales DNA, they should invest fully in it and focus on sales and sales coaching. However, if an entrepreneur is not good at sales and sales coaching, they should hire someone who is and delegate that task to them. The guest speaker emphasizes the importance of prioritizing sales because without sales, there can be no growth or company. The recommendation is to make hard decisions and prioritize sales, even though it may be difficult for entrepreneurs who are wearing many hats. Overall, the episode emphasized the importance of daily planning, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses, and aligning goals with personal and company objectives, as well as prioritizing sales efforts for entrepreneurs.

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