How Brain Glue Can Make You A Millionaire! – w/ James I. Bond

Episode 149 • July 12, 2023

James I. Bond (author Brain Glue) is one of America’s leading behavioral management and business marketing specialists.He is a past workshop chairman for the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, has been a featured guest speaker at three Southern California universities, and has been a popular guest on a wide range of marketing and business podcasts.

In this episode, our guest James I. Bond emphasizes the importance of triggering the emotional side of the brain when selling to the masses. They argue that relying solely on trust is insufficient and that a brain trigger is necessary to engage the audience. James refers to Hebb’s law in neuroscience, which states that neurons that fire together wire together. This means that by creating a strong emotional connection with the audience, the brain will associate the product or message with that emotion.

To illustrate this point, James provides an example of a book titled “Chicken Soup for the Soul” that successfully triggers the emotional side of the brain. He explains that upon hearing the title, the brain immediately associates it with “chicken soup for the soul.” Additionally, he mentions another book by Jack Hanfield that contains 101 motivating stories capable of changing lives. They emphasize the importance of selecting a title that evokes emotions and captures the essence of the content.

Furthermore, James highlights the research of scientists Gerald Saltman and Daniel Kahneman, who independently discovered that more than 90% of decision-making occurs on the right side of the brain. This finding reinforces the idea that appealing to emotions is crucial when selling to the masses. Our guest, James Bond suggests that marketing efforts should focus on building trust and establishing an emotional connection with the audience, rather than relying solely on logic.

Overall, this episode underscores the significance of triggering the emotional side of the brain when selling to the masses. It emphasizes the importance of selecting titles, crafting messages, and implementing marketing strategies that evoke emotions and create a strong connection with the audience.

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