Why does one team Win, and one team Lose? – w/ Ryan Walter

Episode 30 • March 29, 2021

Ryan Walter (Owner/President, Heads Up Communications), is a former National Hockey League player that played many seasons with the Montreal Canadiens. Ryan was one of the youngest team captains in NHL history back in 1979 with the Washington Capitals when he was only 21 years old, he won a Stanley Cup in 1986 with the Canadiens, became the VP of NHL Players Association, a Colour Analyst, an actor in the film “Miracle”, and has become an inspiring speaker, author and leadership expert.
Ryan helps executives and their teams to lead effectively, work as a team and achieve their performance goals through specialized training that melds science and lessons learned from 17 years in the NHL. His “THINKING TENDENCIES” Model is on the cutting edge of helping Corporate Cultures increase their performance.

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