Entrepreneurs United

Hosted By John St.Pierre & Rich Hoffmann

Weekly conversations with Entrepreneurs from across the globe sharing their biggest learnings and experiences with fellow Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs United

Empowerment Experience

The Entrepreneurs United Empowerment Experience brings together small to medium-sized business entrepreneurs for a retreat designed to foster collaboration, connection, and professional growth.


At the EU retreat, you'll have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship with your peers, form meaningful relationships, and gain valuable knowledge and insights to help grow your business. Don't miss this chance to be part of a dynamic and engaging community of entrepreneurs united in their drive for success.

Hosts & Guests

Get to know the personalities of the pod.

Mike Stone

Callum Laing

Steve Hearon

Dean Lindal

Jeff Levitan

Jim Ryerson

Ruth Lund

Jeff Wall

Dave Dupont

Greg Moore

Manny Padda

Andre Young

Rande Somma

Shane Ram

Monte Wyatt

Ryan Walter

Kyle York

Mike Hopkins

Ben Chastney

Jon Chastney

Cory Carlson

Jill Diamond

Bill Pienias

Mike Zani

Joel Bennett

Erin Diehl

Diane Pleuss

Aleta Norris

Joshua Kell

Chris Savage

Wylie McGraw

Pete Mohr

John Vuong

Norman Rice

Erik Dodier

Merit Kahn

Jeff Davis

Scott Drake

Chris Larsen

John Dame

Jeff Rendell

Daniel Alfon

John Rossman

Jon Ostenson

Jas Takhar

Tom Antion

Dan Hafner

Jeff Cohen

Brice Fenton

Patty Block

Jamal Lewis

Don Dow

Jim Padilla

Dr. Kayvon K

Jeremy Pope

Steven Lentz

Rick Girard

Nicky Billou

Carly Cais

Cory Carlson

Nicky Billou

Ted Ma

Ann Carden

Chris Miller

Jann Freed

Frank Bucaro

Matt Shoup

Gary Garth

Mike Barton

Liz Scully


out of 5

Andy Hite, 09/07/2023

Top notch

John and Rich do a fantastic job delivering top notch, actionable content. Always excited to see the next episode hit my phone.

James I. Bond, 08/15/2023

The Best Business Podcast Ever!!!!

If you’re in business and you don’t listen to their podcasts you have a massive disadvantage. You’d better hope your competitors aren’t fans of this podcast because if they are and you aren’t, they’ll leave you in the dust of mediocrity as they fly right past you., 04/17/2023

Asking the hard questions

What I like most about John and Rich’s style is they ask the hard questions. No softballs for their guests. They get down to the nitty gritty details of how we can be better, more empowered, entrepreneurs.

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